Columbus, Ohio

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ECOT is a virtual school in Ohio that has over 18,000 students and has been in existence since 2001. They use the Educational Impact Online Academy with all of their teachers and administrators. Hear what their Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent think about EI.

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“This is the best professional development I’ve seen in years. You can see the positive impact it’s had inside our classrooms –
I highly recommend this program!”

Peggy Shidaker, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Knox Community School Corporation, Knox (IN)

Evaluation Program Prepares District Educators
for RISE Evaluation & Development System

In September 2011, the Indiana Department of Education announced the implementation of the RISE Evaluation and Development System. In order to prepare staff members for the upcoming evaluations, set to take place during the 2012-13 school year, Knox Community School Corporation purchased Educational Impact’s Danielson Series which includes a program specifically targeted at teacher evaluation.

“We chose to purchase the Educational Impact Teacher Evaluation program because much of the RISE Evaluation and Development System is based on the methods discussed by Charlotte Danielson in this program,” said Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Peggy Shidaker.



Seattle Public Schools &
Seattle Education Association

Full school system rollout
Seattle Public Schools collaborated with the Seattle Education Association to roll out a powerful training program for teachers and administrators to every school in this large urban school district. After trying to implement the Danielson Framework on their own for a year, they added EI's Danielson resources to the mix and are getting great results. Hear why…

Idaho Department of Education

Full State Rollout
Approximately 18,000 teachers work in the state of Idaho. Recently the state purchased EI's three program Charlotte Danielson series for every teacher and administrator in the state.