Frequently Asked Questions

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Video & Course Content

Q: Do most K-12 schools / districts use the EI video library, or the EI courses?

A: Most K-12 schools / districts use the EI courses as they offer a more comprehensive professional development experience. Occasionally K-12 schools use the "My plan" feature in the EI Online Academy that offers teachers or administrators the ability to create their own personal playlist of PD videos.

Q: Can an administrator monitor the progress of each teacher in their school / district?

A: Yes, administrators receive a special code that enables them to monitor course completion data, discussion board posts, assessments passed, and learner progress. Administrators and/or school leaders can facilitate a course as well. For more information click here

Q: Do you have courses for our support staff, bus drivers, and other non-instructional staff members?

A: Yes, when you purchase an Unlimited Enterprise or School License, you get passwords for each teacher, administrator, and staff member in your school or district. EI has courses and content that are specifically created to be applicable for non-instructional staff members. For more information on the different types of subscriptions available, please click here.

Q: How often do you update your courses and video content?

A: In 2011 EI began an annual process of extensively reviewing its video library and courses to be sure users are accessing the most relevant, engaging and up to date content. In 2011 EI retired over 150 hours of video content. EI has repeated this process each year since 2011. EI creates approximately 40 hours of new video content each year. This video content is used to create new courses and modify existing ones. Since EI serves both the K-12 and Higher Education market, some videos might be applicable to one market and not the other. For example, EI videos used in Educational History and Foundations college courses often require a historical perspective that may not be applicable for K-12 professional development.

Q: Can our principals or administrators assign courses to a specific group of teachers or staff members?

A: Yes, this is accomplished during the initial fulfillment process or through the use of a course code. Each course has a unique code that can easily be assigned to a specific teacher or staff member.

Q: If we prefer shorter or longer courses than the ones offered in your course catalog, can EI customize for our specific needs?

A: Yes, EI’s experienced instructional design team can create a course that meets your specific needs and in-service hour requirements. For more information on creating a custom course, please click here

Q: Does EI own the content in its video library? Where does EI get the content featured in its video library?

A: Yes, EI owns all the content in its video library. Over the last two decades EI has worked with countless educational organizations, and school districts to create its video content. EI is thankful to great organizations like the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, National Association of Elementary School Principals, and National Education Association for their wonderful collaboration.

Q: Can we integrate EI courses and content with our existing platform and create a single sign on?

A: We need to know more about the platform your school is using before we can answer that question. However, EI’s courses and content have been integrated with numerous third-party platforms and applications in both K-12 and Higher Education. For more information click here


Logging in & Completing a Course

Q: I have completed all the course assignments, but am not able to print my completion certificate?

A: Before calling customer service we suggest you check the following:
  • Have you mistakenly archived assignments? Your course completion certificate is not available if you have archived any of the course assignments. Please un-archive these assignments, then print your certificate of completion.
  • Did you check the completion box for all the assignments, including the completion box for each module? Your course completion certificate requires all assignment and module boxes to be marked complete.

Q: I cannot log in with my email address and the password provided by my school / district?

A: If you have been recently hired by your school or district, your administrator must add you as a new user before you can access the content or courses. Please check with your administrator to be sure they added you as a new user.

Q: I forgot my password and pressed the "forgot password" prompt, but I did not receive anything by email?

A: Before you call customer service, please check your junk/spam folder. Occasionally, systems mistakenly identify our emails as spam. Also, school districts can have strong email firewalls that do not allow our user notifications to get through. When a district purchases our Online Academy, we typically work upfront with the school’s technology director to be sure our domain address is not blocked by the district’s email system.

Q: I have watched the video for a specific course assignment, but it won't let me mark the assignment complete?

A: EI has a special feature which automatically marks certain video assignments complete once 95% of the video has been played.

Q: Once our school or district purchases a K-12 subscription, can we add new faculty or staff members throughout the year?

A: Yes, provided the new faculty or staff member works in the school or district that has purchased the subscription.


Using EI for Higher Education

Q: How do most Colleges of Education use Educational Impact?

A: Most Universities and Colleges of Education use the EI video library to infuse visual learning into their teacher preparation or educational leadership courses. The videos selected for each course are determined by a college administrator, department head, or delegated to the professor teaching the course.

Q: Can our College of Education start by using EI video in just one or two of our teacher preparation courses or do we have to implement across our entire College of Education?

A: While purchasing an Unlimited Enterprise License for your College of Education is clearly the most cost effective way to acquire access to EI video content, we can usually make video content available for a single course.

Q: How much will it cost to purchase a subscription to EI’s video library for our College of Education, and how long will we have access to the video content?

A: The subscription price is usually based on the number of students in your College of Education. The subscription term can be for the duration of a specific course, the full school year, or any other term required for your needs. For more detailed information on the different ways Colleges of Education purchase access to the EI video library please click here.

Q: Will EI help our professors find videos that align to their syllabus?

A: Yes, if your professors provide us with their syllabii, EI’s content specialists will review the course objectives and assignments to develop a list of suggested videos for the course. Professors have the option of using our suggestions or employing EI’s powerful search engine to find videos for their course. For more information on the kinds of teacher preparation and educational leadership college courses that use EI video, please click here.

Q: How does EI’s Video Search engine work?

A: EI’s Video Search engine allows you to search by key word or phrase. In addition, we encourage you to search based on a specific component or standard in common teacher or administrator evaluation rubrics.

Q: How do professors access the video content in the EI library?

A: If your college of education purchases and Unlimited Enterprise License, every professor, college administrator, student and staff member in the college has access the video content. Professors also have access to a leader dashboard that allows them to monitor student usage and viewing hours. If your college is only using the EI video content in a single course, and students are purchasing individual subscriptions from a digital student bookstore set up by EI, professors may also be required to purchase their individual subscription.