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Follow a step by step scope and sequence for school-wide training.
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  • Classroom180 Introduction
  • Domain 1: Family Culture & Relationships
  • Domain 2: Regulation
  • Domain 3: Language of Trauma
  • Domain 4: Safety
  • Domain 5: Discipline & Empowerment
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  • Trauma Awareness
  • Preparing for Change
  • Changing School Culture
  • Developing Staff & Skills
  • Moving Forward as a Trauma‐informed School


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  • 3. Respond, Don't React
  • 4. Mindfulness
  • 5. Dysregulation
  • 6. Restorative Practices
  • 7. Circle Up for Conflict Resolution
  • 8. Transforming your Environment
  • 9. Communicating & Connecting
  • 10. Understanding Violent Behavior
  • Overcoming Negative Belief Systems (Heather Forbes)
  • Behaviors on Fire (Heather Forbes)
  • Honoring Impact Over Intentions (Mirko Chardin)
  • Nurtured Heart Approach (Howard Glasser)
  • Practical Strategies for Regulating Students' Brains (Josh MacNeil)
  • Risk and Resilience (Rodney Walker)
  • Relational, Restorative, and Resilient (Shenekia Weeks)
  • What to Know About Suicide Prevention (Theodora and Steve Schiro)
  • Culture of Kindness
  • Communication Shifts
  • Help for Billys
  • Families in Conflict

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Heather T. Forbes, LCSW


Heather Forbes, consults and lectures extensively with both general and special education schools around the world. She is an internationally published author on the topics of raising children with difficult and severe behaviors, the impact of trauma on the developing child, adoptive motherhood and school transformation. Her best-selling book, Help for Billy, provides parents and educators with essential methods for managing the classroom behavior of the child with complex trauma. Her most recent book is focused on providing schools with practical strategies to create trauma-informed classrooms. Classroom180: A Framework for Creating, Sustaining and Assessing the Trauma-Informed Classroom, includes a practical rubric that outlines 27 components of a trauma-informed classroom.

Heather partnered with Educational Impact to help bring her books to life with real classroom videos and create a step by step training program for all staff. The Trauma-Informed Online Academy was developed through field studies and collaboration with teachers and our eLearning experts to create a comprehensive scope and sequence that is transforming schools worldwide.

"One and done workshops just aren't enough to create real change in our schools. That's why I've put so much time and energy into working with Educational Impact to develop more than 70 hours of online videos and courses for school wide trauma-informed training. Now you can get everyone on the same page!" Heather T. Forbes, LCSW

PLUS 70 hours of video


powered by  Educational Impact 

The Trauma-Informed Conference “On-Demand”

Captured on video and at your fingertips are the top presenters from around the nation who have presented important content ranging from classroom techniques to administrative policies to building strong trauma-informed teams, and more!

Creating a Trauma-Informed School

Video Dramatizations
These realistic dramatizations show both unproductive and the productive trauma‐informed approach to intervening in difficult situations with students. Extensive commentary from Heather Forbes accompanies each scenario.

Help for Billy

Based on Heather Forbes’ best selling book, this program will help you understand the trauma-informed approach and why students do the things they do from a developmental and neuropsychological perspective. Learn how to reach your trauma impacted students.

Families in Conflict

Video Dramatizations
This unique and groundbreaking program offers numerous dramatizations including children endlessly arguing, sibling harassment, saying no, coping with tempers, confronting a child, keeping cool and many more.

Parenting the Difficult Child

In this popular video program, you will see Heather hosting one of her practical and emotional parent workshops. Learn about parenting with acceptance, the negative loop of trying to change behavior and how to start over by asking the right questions.

Classroom180 ‐ 6 program series
A Framework for Creating, Sustaining, & Assessing Trauma-Informed Classroom

In this groundbreaking new six program series, Heather Forbes will guide you through the 27 components in the Classroom180 Framework. Learn directly from the author as she answers the essential question, "what is a trauma-informed classroom?” Through extensive research, field study and personal experiences, Heather provides schools with a step-by-step roadmap. She brings every component to life, shows real teachers in action and uses the Classroom180 rubric to analyze classroom videos.      

All programs have been created in coordination with the Beyond Consequences Institute and Heather T. Forbes, LCSW.


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In the heat of the moment, will you know how to respond?

Watching videos of classroom
scenarios will show you
what to do and what NOT to do
when a student…

disrespects a teacher

...disrespects a teacher

becomes aggressive

...becomes aggressive

refuses to put a phone away

...refuses to put a phone away

is being a class clown being a class clown

runs out of class

...runs out of class

misbehaves for a sub

...misbehaves for a substitute


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Ray Lozano - Principal, Weldon Elementary School
Heather has a way of really connecting with her audience…. I think the enthusiasm only she can bring is there for us all the time.
Ray Lozano ‐ Principal, Weldon Elementary

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