Visual Learners


With the majority of your students being visual learners and YouTube now the second most popular search engine, it’s clear that videos are a preferred learning modality. Today’s students are watching videos for everything! Isn’t it time to integrate video into your syllabus and give your students the online learning resources that have become so commonplace in their everyday life?

Colleges of Education are now partnering with Educational Impact to revamp their entire menu of online and traditional courses to add visual learning:

  • Have your students view real classroom video before a lecture so they are ready for a robust classroom discussion.
  • As a followup to an in-class lesson, assign a video to show real life application. Or, have your students independently critique videos of actual classroom lessons.
  • Have your students use the EI video library for term papers, independent assignments, and research projects.
  • Increase your student’s field observation hours by having them watch classroom lessons online.

College of Education students who have used the EI video library tell us their favorite EI learning experiences include:

  • "The Journey of a First Year Teacher." This offers an unparalleled look at first year teaching by showing three new teachers, both inside and outside of the classroom. The videos are captured over the teacher’s first full year on the job to illustrate the trials and tribulations they too may experience once they become full time teachers.
  • Teacher Observation Labs: Custom video playlists can be created to provide students with up to 100 hours of real classroom lessons. Scheduling on site classroom observations in local schools can be challenging. Students tell us that adding an online component to their practicum has really enhanced their experience.


View a video excerpt from "The Journey of a First Year Teacher"

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